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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is my bill due and how long do I have to pay it?
A: Bills are due upon receipt, which will be the first of each month. However, they are not delinquent until after the 15th. Service will be disconnected if payment is not received by the 25th.

Q: Who do I call in case of an emergency?
A: Call 417-667-8512

Q: How is my sewer bill calculated?
A: Each month, our office sends your usage to the City of Nevada. They determine your bill by the gallons of water you used, not on a seasonal average.

Q: Can my water be disconnected if I don’t pay my sewer bill?
A: Yes. If you do not pay your sewer bill, by intergovernmental contract between the City of Nevada and CPWSD#1, we have to disconnect your service. Should this happen, service cannot be restored until your sewer bill is current and a $75.00 reconnect fee is paid to CPWSD#1

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit if I have a good credit history?
A: All rural customers are required to pay a deposit.

Q: When do I get my deposit returned?
A: When you discontinue service. Your final bill will be taken from your deposit and the remainder refunded to you.

Q: Can I pay ahead on my bill?
A: Yes. You are welcome to prepay any amount you wish. Your meter will continue to be read each month and you will receive a payment coupon showing your usage and your remaining credit.

Q: Can I pay by credit or debit card?
A: Yes. We now accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You can pay using these over the phone or at the office. You can also pay with our website and the link at the bottom of our homepage.

Q: What are your office hours?
A: We are open Monday thru Friday, 8:00 to 4:30

Q: Do you have a night drop box?
A: Yes. On the west side of the building, by the drive-thru.

Q: What happens if I find a water leak on the district’s main line or the service line feeding my meter?
A: Report immediately to CPWSD#1. If a verifiable leak is found and repaired by the District, your account will be credited $18.50, the monthly minimum.